Furball (the White Crested and Abyssinian crossbreed)
SAM 0181

Gender: Male

Species: White Crested &


Abyssinian crossbreed

Ability: Fire

Speed: 7/10


Power: 7/10

Skill: 6/10

Stamina: 6/10

Total: 26


Furball has Golden colored fur, red eyes, and black paws with pink under them. Furball is pretty fat, and has a long head. he also has Abyssinian rosettes on his back like a mane but the rest of his body is smooth.


Furball is a naive, outgoing, polite, easy going, brave Guinea Pig most of the time he dosent get mad easly but some times he gets mad to easily like when Tomas bugs the crap out of him but hes usally calm. Furball spends an hour each day preying to God. And he preys before he goes to sleep every night.


Furballs Regular Attacks that most of the Guinea Pigs can use is scratch, punch, kick, belly slam, and pounce and the Special Attacks that only he can use are Fire Ball, Flame Thrower, Flame Slash, Fire Burst, Flame Kick, Burning Bite, Fire Feet, Mane Flame, Torch, Sunburn, Match, Flame Fire, Fire Rage, Flame Spear, Fire Shadow Ball, Bast Kick, Fire Shot, Be The Flame, and his Super Attack is Burning Fire Blast.



Games feturing Furball

Juarez Returns (not playable)

Juarez Unbreakable (playable character)

Furball the White Crested and Abbyssinian crossbreed (playable)

Furball the Guinea Pig of Fire (playable)

Furball the Guinea Pig of Fire 2 (playable)

Furball the Guinea Pig of Fire 3 the End (playable)

Furball (playable)


Furball got positive reviews from critices.