Tomas (the White Crested and Abyssinian crossbreed)

Gender: Male

Species: White Crested &

Abyssinian crossbreed

Ability: Electricity

Speed: 8/10

Power: 4/10

Skill: 8/10

Stamina: 4/10

Total: 24


Tomas is redish-brown colored Guinea Pig with red eyes and a white crest. we dont remember what color his feet where on top and bottom becuase we dont own him anymore, but we think the top of his feet is black and the bottom is pink.


Tomas is EXTREMELY NAIVE, hes realy shy, tenacious, and does not easily get mad. he injoys buging the crap out of Furball. some times he likes to pretend that hes his dad Juarez becuase he thinks Juarez is COMPLETE AWESOMNESS. And hes Cocos best friend Coco and Tomas made a group with only them called The Runts. Some of the guinea pigs dont like it when Tomas is around becuase they think hes annoying some times that makes him feel bad and then they feel bad so they try not to act like hes annoying. Tomas preys ever night before he goes to sleep.


The Normal Attacks that Tomas uses are scratch, punch, kick, and pounce he cant use belly slam his Special Attacks are Zap, Lightning Bolt, Volt Kick, Electro Bite, Claw Zap, Crest Lightning Shot, Eye Shock, Lightning blast, Super Volt Shock, Volt Bolt, Thunder Storm, Rain Pain, Claws of Electricity, Mega Bolt, Quick Shock, Mini Shocking Shadow Balls, and his Super Attack is Ultimate Lightning Storm of Doom.

List of games feturing Tomas

Juarez Unbreakable (playable)

Juarez's son Tomas (playable)

The adventures of Tomas the guinea pig (playable)

The Runts (playable)


Tomas got mixed reviews from critices.